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For a lifetime I have loved the medium of timber. As a child I was fascinated with building treehouses. I went onto become a high school woodwork teacher. I had the opportunity to build my own home and various furniture items. Today I package it all as ‘woodstories’.

Every piece has a story. Every piece is different, has grown different and has been sourced different. I package most of my pieces with stories. Both the timber and the timber cutters have classic stories.

I love revealing the God given natural colours and textures hidden within timber whilst at the same time making some functional item. In this I sense a living parable as we all are shaped through life. Being able to share this with others via timber gifts and imparting woodworking skills is a driving passion. My love of surfing and surfboards has seen this expressed in the ancient art of Alaia making.

I also have a passion to engage people with the trees themselves via treehouse construction. There is an inner child within most people that engages with a treehouse. I believe that one can build a family by building a treehouse together and am committed to drawing children in particular to outdoor spaces.

It kills me to see perfectly good timber being reduced to woodchip by local aborists. I have been developing a relationship with such timber cutters and milling my own timber is so satisfying. 

Increasingly I have people asking to learn some basic woodturning, so I offer a one off two hour session to complete a bowl, or ongoing coaching. Gift vouchers also available to give the experience of woodturning!  Contact me at